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Aqua City Plumbing provides same day and emergency installation of residential and commercial water heaters. We carry Bradford White brand water heaters for your home. Bradford White heaters are proudly made in the USA in Michigan! All of our residential installations include comprehensive (no pro-rating) 6-year warranties. All our service trucks are stocked with standard 40 and 50-gallon Bradford White water heaters.

Installation quotes include; parts, labor and delivery for a standard removal & reinstall,  assuming your existing facilities are up to current code. If additional work is required to bring your home up to code, it will be quoted before the work begins. The flat rate price is for remove and install same gallon and style tank.

The installation of a water heater deals with carbon monoxide, natural gas, water lines, and a pressure controlled holding tank. Any one of these factors could cause catastrophic damage and or injury if unit is not installed correctly.

Other Water Heater Brands

Aqua City Plumbing also services;

AO Smith water heaters, Rheem water heaters, State water heaters, GE water heaters, American water heaters, and more!

Common Water Heater Sizes

40-Gallon Natural Gas water heater

50-Gallon Natural Gas water heater

75-Gallon Natural Gas water heater

40-Gallon Power Vent water heater

50-Gallon Power Vent water heater

75-Gallon Power Vent water heater

Lowboy & crawlspace water heaters

40-Gallon Electric water heaters

50-Gallon Electric water heaters

Tankless water heaters

Mobile Home water heaters


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